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tv   [untitled]    August 20, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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was born and raced in the [inaudible] and these people came to our community and ripped us off. you don't even ask about the outreach. i am the outreach of the community and now you're going to do this to me. i ask you respectfully don't have no kind -- give a permit. excuse me. what are you doing? don't do that to me. you act silly. [inaudible] you know what? this is a new era -- [inaudible]. what are you going to do arrest me? what are you going to do shoot me? [inaudible] don't touch me. go
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back to training. you're the type of person -- all wrong. it's wrong. [inaudible] >> turn his mic off. you can't? >> it's off. >> oh it is? >> [inaudible]
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>> whose glasses are those? >> i don't have no idea. >> great thank you. hi. >> hi, how are you? >> hi. i am jonah lamb and behalf of the [inaudible] (low audio). with the yoshi's unit, and i think i only want to address one thing which is to have better sound proofing because with the previous management over at yoshis we received over 20 plus complaints with the lower residential units feeling the vibration and in their homes and that's about it. that's the only thing. >> may i ask a point of
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reference information. do you know if the sound was coming from like the restaurant area where they had that stage or if it was from inside? do you have an idea? >> that i'm not sure but they had club events there that we had numerous issues. i think there were three violent incidents reported and one was a stabbing and one where 20 officers were present to control everything. i think it was mainly from the club events over the weekend. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there other public comment? >> good evening commissioners. my am step fan and a consultant in the city but i would like to speak as a patron and lover of yoshis in the fillmore. first
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i would like to say as long as the applicant meets all of the codes and requirements which seems to be i would ask you to approve this. part of the problems may be from the other ownership was the music from the frontage which probably leaked and that's why there were noise complaints. the music space itself which is dedicated for music, built for music and the sound is contained in the room. i have been to many shows, spinners, natalie cole, stylistics. we need to keep that detroit, san francisco sound alive in the area in an area deemed for live music and i urge you to support this with any conditions that the police department has and obviously after you review them but keep music alive in the fillmore. thank you. >> thank you. all right.
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well, the matter is now with the commission. and the police conditions again -- i am wondering if you could read those quickly. >> yeah, i will read them and hand them to you. i'm sorry they're not in the binder. basically approve with the good neighbor policy and no dj music promoter in the music space and all events held in the performance venue as stated in the application. >> great. all right. do we have a motion? >> i move to approve. >> okay. do we have -- >> second. >> great. so i would like to make a friendly amendment to add the police conditions to that approval if it's okay with you? >> yes. the police conditions says that there should be no performances in the restaurant
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and i think we have to strike that one. >> strike the one without performance in the -- >> okay. >> do we have to strike that? >> my question is it says no dj club promoter events in the music space and all held in the performance venue so you can strike one or both. >>i would like to keep both personally. >> we talked about it and you said we don't normally do that. >> no. i said don't separate physicality and for the entire space. i understand your unease if you will but in the police conditions is a reiteration of what is in the application and a reminder any of the conscience if they need to be. >> >> conditions and need to be amended they can come back to
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the commission for amendment. >> all right. so i withdraw that. >> great. >> what about the number of security staff? was there a issue with that. >> we're going with the old and they have one for every 50 in here. it's all right with me. >> so for every 50 of the total occupancy of seven 60. >> whatever the event requires. and one every 50. if you feel that is too much. >> so if we say there is no entertainment in the restaurant whether it's outside promoters or any entertainment. >> just the show room. they only need in the show room. >> only need security in the performance room and that occupancy is 400. >> again it doesn't stop them from having a large new years -- some kind of festival and
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people are dining and drinking in the restaurant there should be a couple of security guards in there. that's totally up to them. >> okay. >> possible. >> it says 400 in the performance space so you can go ahead and do it that way. >> i am just clarifying. >> okay. so we have a something going on here so we have a motion and a second on the table adding the police conditions, so cammy blackstone. >> no, i just want to make a clarification so we are issuing -- are we issuing an entirely new permit with the police conditions or are we amending the current permit and adding on the police conditions? >> that's the question.
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>> that is my question. >> do we have the original police conditions? >> it's in the permit that is in the packet. >> so i want you to understand with respect to what you're looking at in the packet and says permit and amended really big on it. those conditions were placed on there because of problems reiterate by the community member and primarily because of the shows that were taking place in the restaurant area. those conditions were imposed on the previous operator s via an action by the director in 1060. they don't necessarily have to be applied to and i don't know that they make any sense frankly being applied to the new operation, but you can do as we said many times -- >> let me ask you a question -- >> any of the things --
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>> so this major amendment is based on ownership and have they requested amendment to the previous conditions as well? >> i don't believe they made that direct request. however, logically what we intended to do is take like the obvious intention of the commission if you can be clear and make the proper amendments to the permit so they're not living with conditions that don't make sense based on the conversation you're having. >> but the point is they didn't ask for that. they're asked for it based on ownership. they didn't can for any other amendment. so is it -- >> then i would like to say that i think we should take a vote on the old one and then discuss a new way to look at this permit so that we can get passed -- >> [inaudible]
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>> vice president hyde what you can do and this an amendment you can amend the old permit by losing the conditions that no longer apply and substituting the conscience that northern station hassing suggested along with the good neighbor policy. >> then what i would like to do. >> [inaudible] can we withdraw the motion? >> no. we're going to amend the motion to say to remove the old conditions on the permit, and apply the good neighbor policy and the new police commission -- police conditions instead which would mean that the one in 50 that was applied because there were so many problems before will no longer apply, but it will be as a good neighbor policy states one for every hundred. is that correct?
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yeah. >> okay. >> all right. >> northern station isn't here to talk about this, but did they only put the conditions, the new conditions because they knew the old conscience were in place? >> >> officer we went over this a couple of times and he agreed that the problems had to do with having the performance in the club and having the promoters in the restaurant space and he was satisfied now that the restaurant space has been taken out and the performance space has been sound proofed he was comfortable with the performance area. >> and going with the new conditions? >> and commissioner frost should there be problems we can have them come back in and recondition their permit but because it's a new grounds that's -- yeah, we're giving
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them a chance before restricting them to one to every 50 which say bit much. >> okay. so we have a motion and a second to approve the permit removing the conscience on the previous. >> conditions on the previous permit and adding permits from negotiation station. >> >> good neighbor policy and no dj music events in the restaurant pace and only in the performance venue only. on that motion commissioner frost. >> aye. >> commissioner lee. >> yes. >> joe diswroa. >> aye. >> commissioner akers. >> aye. >> commissioner perez. >> aye. >> vice president hyde. >> aye. >> approved. >> all right. that ends that portion of our -- we are now moving on to commissioner comments and questions. do i have any commissioner comments and questions?
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>> i want to say welcome to commissioner frost. i wasn't here last week. i apologize but i am looking forward to working with you. >> thank you. >> ditdo. >> then i will say it as well and i would like to say i had a great time at outside lands. it's such a good festival. i love that festival and war paint if you ever see this call me. they were so good. they're my new favorite band. >> i also loved outside lands. i loved chocolate lands the junkie i am. i would also like to thank officer parker and santos for coming to our rescue. that was very good of you. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> do we accept public
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comment? is there any public comment on that? >> we need a [inaudible] >> seeing none. okay. we are on to new business requests for future agenda items. i just would like a follow up with the unfinished permits in the office that we talked about. i would like to hear about that if we could. >> done. any others? any public comment on that? all right. this commission meeting is closed. [gavel]
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>> it is 1:15. this is a regular meeting of august 19, 2014 on the commission on community investment and infrastructure. please call the roll. >> thank you. the first order is business is item number, roll call. commissionerman. >> yes. >> commissioner sink. commissioner rosales. >> yes. >> all commission ers are present. the next regularly scheduled business meeting will be held on september on city hall, 416. announcement of sound producing devices during the meeting. the ringing and use of sound producing devices are
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prohibited at this meeting. please be advised the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for the ringing of or use of cell phone, pagers or other similar sound producing electronic device. c, announcement of time allotment for public comment. please be advised a member of the public has up to three minutes on each public item unless the commission adopts a shorter period of time on any item. please fill out a speaker card provided by the commission secretary and submit completed card to commission secretary. the next order of business is item 3, report on actions taken at a previous closed session meeting, if any. there are no reportable actions, the next oerd sh of business is item 4, we have no items. item five, consent agenda and regular agenda.
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first, the consent agenda. item 5a approval of minutes of july 15, 2014. 5b, amending the personal policy to include sexual harassment and workplace violence. approximately 107 very low and low income rental units per sunts to the hunters view phase one and two, rental housing loan agreement.
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middle point and west point roads, bay view hunters point redevelopment project area. an item 5d, authorizing a personal services contract with urban analytic a california limited liability corporation in an amount not to exceed 53,000 dlar related to the propose td issuance of tax allocation revenue bond and preparation of tax allocation bond with provisions for extension through december 31, 2015 for additional disclosure and analytical work in an amount not to exceed 12,000 dlar for a total amount not to exceed 65,000 dlar. action number 672014. >> thank you. do we have any speaker cards? >> no speaker cards. >> okay. no speaker cards. anyone in the audience would like to speak on any one of
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these items that are on consent? okay. so i'll close public commented. commissioners, we have three i p tells we can take individually. do i hear any comment or motion on approval of minutes of the regular meeting of july a. >> second. >> moved and seconded. >> please announce your vote. mondejar. >> yes. >> sink. >> yes. >> rosales. >> yes. >> the vote is three is. >> the next item, item 5b,commissioners. >> yeah, i just want to know why do we 1,964,000. why [inaudible]. >> that's item 5c. we're on item 5b, the personnel policy. we haven't -- >> oh, i meant c. >> so 5b is amending personnel
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policy. >> i have not read that, but we just got this thing >> commissioners, there were minor typo corrections. the documents that you received last week attached the amendments, but wu noticed there were minor typos and we have corrected them, there are no substantive changes to the proposed additions that would add policies related to workplace violence and sexual harassment to a person's supervisor or human resources division. >> okay. i move it. >> second. >> it's been moved and seconded. please call the roll. >> commission members, please announce your vote when i call your name. >> mondejar. >> yes.
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>> sink. >> yes. >> rosales. >> yes. >> the vote is three is. >> thank you. next item, 5c commissioners. commissioner sink you had a question? >> yes, i had a question about the [inaudible] almost $2 million. >> through that dispersement action you indicated that only a certain amount of funds would be dispersed for certain preconstruction activities. since that time we've reviewed with the developer. in fact, some of the dollars would need to be used for appropriate architecture engineering expenses not to exceeds the total dispersement amount you previously authorized so we're now authorizing preconstruction
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activities and some construction activities for the amount indicated but all within the threshold that you previously approved. and we have housing staff here as well as the developer, mercy, to answer any questions you may have. >> okay. >> any other questions? commissioner mondejar. >> yes. are there any significant changes that we need to -- that you can point out? >> no. there are no significant changes. that's why there was a proposal to include it on consent because it doesn't exceed your maximum dollar am that you aught ruized. authorized. it just allocates the use of those dollars to slightly different buckets. thorized. it just allocates the use of
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those dollars to slightly different buckets. >> i have no questions. do i hear a motion? >> i. >> commissioner mondejar has moved. commissioner singh has seconded it. please call roll. >> commissioner mondejar. >> yes. >> commissioner singh. >> yes. >> chair rosales. >> yes. >> the vote is three is. >> thank you. and the last item 5d on consent, authorizing a personal services contract with urban analytics. >> i move and second. >> i don't have any questions so i will second that. >> it's been moved and seconded. please call roll. >> please announce your vote. commissioner mondejar. >> yes. >> singh. >> yes. >> rosales. >> yes. >> the vote is three is. >> thank you. >> can you call the next item. >> the next order of business is regular agenda, item 5e, consenting to former successor agency work with the golden state lawyers regarding the development of an arena, an
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event center under the mission bay south center [inaudible] redevelopment project area, discussion and action resolution 682014. madam director. >> thank you madam secretary, commissioners and welcome to the members of the publing. thank you so much for joibing us. as you know, your former colleague, commissioner theodore ellington served as one of the founding members of the commission and he served since inception in december of 2012 through july 3, 2014, when he tendered his resignation to the mayor's office. during that time mr. ellington participated in a number of actions that are related to the mission bay south participation agreement implementation actions under that agreement, that is the approval of various for turned mission bay south
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own r par tisation agreement, your purchasing policy, which you have a clean and amended copy now actually on hand, does prohibit any agency employee, including former commissioners from working on matters in which the commissioner or employee had a direct and substantial interest, and in which that former employee or commissioner participated personally and substantially. and as a result of that, mr. ellington, who has now resigned from the commission, he has moved on to work for the golden state warriors as their director of public affairs.
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and it is because that -- there is no direct and substantial interest. we do not see any undue influence, there is no conflict in staff's analysis and view, which is why we do recommend that the commission grant a waiver for mr. ellington's activities and his work with the warriors. that concludes my presentation and you see that mr. ellington is in the audience as well to answer any questions. >> thank you. before we hear from former commissioner ellington, madam secretary, do we have any speaker cards. >> we have no speaker cards.
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>> mr. ellington, welcome. >> yes, it is different from this side of the podium, but thank you guys so much for having me. director bohi, madam chair rosales and commissioners, i'm just excited about this new opportunity that's before me. it's kind of bittersweet because i know a lot of the work we've done formally was very important to san francisco, whether it be affordable housing or improving the quality of life, just important work that i think, you know, i'm kind of sad to not be able to do in the same capacity. however, i am definitely looking to working for the warriors as a director of public affairs and continuing the amazing work in mission bay that we all started so i hope you guys grant me the waiver and can definitely look forward to working with each of you as we move forward.
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. >> thank you. are there any questions for there ellington? >> you know, we had a happy and a sad, you know -- we -- [inaudible] is going to leave us that soon, but i'm very happy for him, you know. so... >> i don't know mr. ellington. [laughter] >> you didn't say good-bye and it's important to maintain relationships with your former commissioners, so -- >> absolutely. no, there was -- in all transparency, there was a quick turn around. i had to hop on an opportunity that presented itself. i didn't want to break any policy that's set forth so i didn't want to go behind closed doors and communicate with commissioners and undue unfluns. didn't want that to come into question so --
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>> i do wish, you know, good luck with your new job. >> thank you. >> i was just trying to give you a hard time. [laughter] you didn't say good-bye to us. >> yes, and i would add that the commission went on a diet, as you can see because there are no longer five, there's only three of us, and as a result having meetings is difficult at times because we have to coordinate schedules, but i will miss you as a commissioner but i will congratulate you on your work with the warriors. you did a fantastic job. >> thank you. >> we have in front of us, a resolution where we would be consenting to allowing former commission,